Dinghy Sails РAs no 2 dinghys are the same, we pride ourselves on our ability to build fast sails for a range of different dinghys including :

Sabots – The best dinghy to learn to sail on in Australia. The Sabot offers a stable yet challenging base for 8-14 yr olds to learn the skill of sailing with the option to learn to race. Because of the diverse difference in skill levels and kids sizes we have developed 3x different sails to suit the sailors need. From a training sail to race sail to suit smaller or bigger crews we can build a sail to suit your desired need,

Manly Juniors- A fantastic transitional class for those who may have outgrown or are seeking a new challenge early the Mj does just that with a main jib and Spinnaker they provide a great training skill base for the use of each sail and are quite exhilerating for the sailor.

Pacer- One of Australias most popular School Teams racing boat as they are simple and relatively harmless. We have provided sails to many of the Sydney based schools who sail Pacers as these sails need to be cost effective and have good longevity to survive the harsh life in a school and teams racing environment.

Flying Ant :

Flying 11- One of Australias most popular intermediate dinghies for 11- 18 year olds, the F11 provides a skill set that has launched current world and olympic Champions to where they are today. With a long history in the class we have developed sails for State and National Champions over the years. We have designs to suit different sailing venues and Crew weights to help you get the most out of your boat, We also have extensive knowledge on the setup of these boats, which we suggest to book in an hour with us at the loft to tweak your boat and provide information on how to get the most out of your new sails.