Yacht Sails –  When choosing to buy a new sail for your yacht, firstly you will need to decide on the intended purpose of the sail. Whether it be cruising up and down the coast, pottering around the harbour, Racing inshore or offshore, or a mixture of everything – It gives great direction to us on the options for cloth, finishing details, design and price.

We have many options to choose from whatever your desired application and budget – ranging from Woven Dacrons, Laminated exotics and membranes.

Each sail is individually measured and designed to suit the setup of the boat and the conditions it is intended to be used. The Cloth is then chosen and cut at one of our material suppliers in Sydney. Every sail is built at our Artarmon loft in Sydney, We can also fit and test the sails to make sure there are no issues.

Racing Sails –  

Racing Sails –  When choosing a sail for racing we have many options from cloth choice to finishing details and servicing to help you experience the best from your boat.

Cloth options start from yarn tempered Woven Dacrons, Polyester, Kevlar, Twaron and Carbon Skins and laminates, through to our top of the line Membranes.

Our moto for racing sails is to provide sails that allow you to “Go Faster for longer“.

Every sail is designed on our sophisticated design software to mould shapes that we have developed over the past decade. This software enables us to build sails to your specific needs and give you an accurate desired outcome. We tailor the cloth and finishing detail to suit your budget and intended purpose.

Cruising Sails –  The diversity of needs of a cruising sailor in our view varies considerably from customer to customer. What we find they all have in common is that the sails need to last, and get them to where they want to go. With that in mind  the Cruising options include Woven Dacrons, Cruise laminates and carbon Skin sails all with durability as the number 1 priority.

Like our racing sails we can tailor the Cloth to the customers budget and application.

Below is some rough estimates on our basic cruising sails.